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Abhisit urges rights awareness


Abhisit urges rights awareness

Published: 17/03/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

The solution to human rights violations is acceptance of reality and heightened awareness by every member of society, says Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

A stateless student from Samut Prakan looks pensively at an exhibition in a ‘‘human rights caravan’’ launched by the National Human Rights Commission at Satriwithaya school near Ratchadamnoen Avenue. CHANAT KATANYU

Mr Abhisit yesterday said human rights violations would continue if everyone turned their back on the issue, so confronting and accepting the problem was the approach of the government.

The prime minister was speaking after opening an awareness campaign on human rights violations at Satriwithaya school supported by the United Nations and the National Human Rights Commission.

Mr Abhisit said efforts to confront the issue would go nowhere if the government did not take the problem seriously.

Accepting the reality of violations was a stepping stone to greater cooperation from every part of society in recognising the importance of human rights protection.

He said misunderstanding and a lack of awareness about human rights were major causes behind the violations.

There was no denying that previous elected governments had shaped policies detrimental to human rights, from the war on drugs to counterinsurgency measures in the South.

In the end, these policies had backfired and the situation had gone from bad to worse, Mr Abhisit said.

As a result, the important lessons to be learned from flawed policies on human rights protection are that the government and state authorities should ensure rights first and foremost instead of abusing their powers.

Mr Abhisit said building full awareness of human rights would not work without greater support from the media and every member of society.


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